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Asistente Personal Trabajo disponible con British Family en Nassau, BahamasAsistente personal de noel Job 1539584

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Asistente personal privado para inversores internacionales

    Nuestra familia

  • británico
  • Tiene mascotas
  • Sin religión
  • No aceptará fumadores.
  • Es un empleador soltero

    Puntos destacados del trabajo

  • Solo candidatas
  • Se requiere experiencia paga de 1 años
  • Según sea necesario horas / semana
  • Se requiere licencia de conducir
  • Coche está disponible
  • Pagar es Negociable / semana

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Descripción del trabajo

Welcome! This is an opportunity to become the private Personal Assistant to an International Investor; it is NOT an au pair or nanny job. - Please carefully read ALL the following text and be sure you are qualified to apply. - Applications must be made from the Personal Assistant page in your Profile. I. THE JOB AND ITS REWARDS: This is a unique opportunity to act as the household and business 'right hand' to a highly successful, happy, 'Renaissance man' Investor. He has business, personal and professional interests in international investments, law, science, medicine, new technologies and the creative arts such as writing, film making and music. He is also founder of a Trust which promotes individual human rights world-wide and encourages the development of beneficial scientific advances in, amongst many other fields, beauty products, healthy life extension, age reversal and regenerative curative medicine. Some of the rewards this job offers are wonderful opportunities to live in beautiful, comfortable environments, gain substantial knowledge of several university and business fields and to travel. Pay rises are based on improvements in performance. To become the Investor's Personal Assistant you must, amongst other qualifications, be a person who finds great joy in learning, discovery and achievement and who is very eager to have this job Persons with limited experience, may be considered -- if they sincerely demonstrate that they meet ALL the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS listed below, have exceptional aptitudes, compatibility and a true desire to empower themselves by acquiring new beneficial knowledge and to help realise the objectives of the Investor and the Trust. The Personal Assistant does a wide variety of creative, administrative, research, discussion and other activities which maximise the Investor's productivity, creativity, health, efficiency and organisation. She also helps prepare for and attends meetings with the Investor involving prominent political, social, scientific and philanthropic persons. ★ II. WHERE: The investor has homes in several highly desirable countries; a new home office is planned. The present seaside home office, complete with swimming pool, is located in the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Colourful flowers and fruiting trees abound. A long white sand beach is only a few steps away. Private quarters with pool view and full en suite bath are provided. Work is done in a relaxed family-like atmosphere with professional achievements, good humour, health and happiness as the objectives. Travel for business and pleasure occurs from time to time. ★ III. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: All the following are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to apply for this position: 1. High intelligence, excellent memory, good health, no smoking, tattoos or piercings; 2. A consistently pleasant, cheerful, cooperative, emotionally stable personality with eagerness to assist and a first class slim appearance with good social skills; 3. Loyalty, trustworthiness and without exception keeping all the employer's business, financial and personal matters strictly private and confidential; 4. A strong drive for personal success by helping to achieve the goals of the employer and to do all things accurately, correctly in a well organised manner with excellent attention to detail; 5. Forthright complete honesty, reliability and clean local and international police records; 6. An open mind with a powerful desire to think creatively and independently, learn new skills, new ideas and expand the vistas of one's knowledge base; 7. Be self-motivated and have the abilities to think clearly, accurately and analyse and solve problems; 8. Good computer literacy including skills such as use of internet search engines, word processor; must type accurately at reasonable speed and have good numerical ability; 9. Be reasonably fluent in English and one or more other European languages; be able to communicate clearly, accurately and completely both orally and in writing. ►►10. Willingness to immediately learn and use computer and communications security software to be interviewed and after hire;◄◄ ★ IV. HELPFUL EXTRA FACTORS: For applicants who meet the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS above. the following items can be very helpful to their application. Training might be given in several of the areas below (a) Personal substantial interest in, or experience or education, in any of these areas: * creative activities such as writing, singing, piano, composing music, organic gardening, vegetarian healthy food making and the like; * human rights, freedom, law; * history; * libertarian philosophy, Austrian economics; * maths, medicine or any science based on strict application of the scientific method, ie, NOT social studies and the like; * healthy human life extension, age reversal research; * learning new languages (b) Relevant prior experience or education in other fields will be given due consideration

Experiencia requerida

Debe tener 1 años de experiencia pagada con lo siguiente
Compras y diligencias Transporte. Planificación de eventos / viajes
Asistencia de cocina Pet Care Apoyo Administrativo
Asistencia de vacaciones La limpieza del hogar edición de fotos

Software y competencia técnica

Solo aprendiendo 1 Conoce lo básico 2 Sobre la media 3 Mejor que la mayoría 4 Experto 5
microsoft PowerPoint
Software de blog
Microsoft Excel
Software de diseño web
Microsoft Word

1 = Solo aprendizaje, 2 = Conoce los conceptos básicos, 3 = Sobre el promedio, 4 = Mejor que la mayoría, 5 = Experto

Debe poder escribir palabras 50 por minuto usando un teclado QWERTY.


Disponible en diciembre 2019 - Jan 2020
Buscando a tiempo completo, vivir en
Negociable / semana
Última sesión iniciada 10 Dec 2019
Miembro desde 02 Jan 2013

Preferencias de partido

Solo candidatas
Se requiere experiencia paga de 1 años
Candidatos que viven en todo el mundo.
Licencia de conducir valida
Nosotros preferimos:
28-34 años de edad
12 o más años de educación
Candidatos que son:
  • - canadiense
  • - Europa del Este
  • - Nacionalidades de la UE
  • - austriaco
  • - Belga
  • - danés
  • - holandés
  • - británico
  • - finlandés
  • - francés
  • - alemán
  • - Italiano
  • - noruego
  • - Portugués
  • - Español
  • - sueco
  • - Suizo
  • - islandés
  • - Polaco
  • - rumano
  • - luxemburgués
  • - búlgaro
  • - estonio
  • - griego
  • - húngaro
  • - Irlandesa
  • - lituano
  • - eslovaco
  • - checo
  • - esloveno
  • - letón
  • - maltés
  • - croata
  • - chipriota
  • - monegasco
  • - Rusia
  • - ucraniano

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